The snow-white peaks peeping beyond a dense thicket of verdant conifers is no more restrained to just pages of your drawing book. Nature has bookmarked it in a picturesque vale of Sikkim named Rayong

The Sunrise Viewpoint: Follow the natural stairs to the end and land onto a mysterious world, grubby, yet a raw version of the mountainous countryside.

Starting off from Namchi towards Ravangla, Google Map or TripAdvisor would recommend an identified place called Rayong Sunrise Viewpoint; where from the view of the majestic Kanchendzonga is amazing. As the name suggests, the sunrise view is a jaw-dropping display of slick trickery of the first rays of the day.

View from Rayong Sunrise Viewpoint (also submitted to TripAdvisor by the same author)
View from Rayong Sunrise Viewpoint (also submitted to TripAdvisor by the same author)

The "Rayong Sunrise Viewpoint" is engraved onto the railed retaining wall paved by stairs by the roadside, and hence would seldom fail to catch the attention of the passerby. A trek through the hidden stairs would lead all the way to the top, winding up to a scrappy resting place. The trek is an uncut version through pointy bushes.

The Nature Trail to the Rayong Busty

Skirting through the Rayong Busty and lined by series of towering green pines, the road connects Namchi and Ravangla in South Sikkim. Some places are indeed best kept off the map.

Reaching the Destination

It's a small organic hamlet comprising of all the necessary amenities, a school, a church, a playground and lot many houses, all colourful in their own shades. Amidst the usuals, there is this pine forest overlooking the serpentine grey roadway. Standing in the shadows cast by the colossal woods, one is bound to be flabbergasted by the intricacies of Nature's disposition.

Visiting in late November or early December add another hue to the pallette of Nature's earth painting, the pink of Cherry Blossoms.

The azure blue meets the lush green with spots of whites and pinks in layers here. Rayong, even though has not acquired itself a place in the Google map, is a flamboyant melange of Nature's portrayal of equilibrium.